Reworks Connekt + Santa.Nosha Collaboration

Reworks Connekt + Santa.Nosha Collaboration

Reworks Connekt + Santa.Nosha 

🚨 Ολο το reworks connekt θα προβληθεί από τη σελίδα santa.nosha στο facebook

Tο reworks connekt προσκαλεί reworkers από την Ελλάδα και το εξωτερικό να βρεθούμε όλοι μαζί, ταυτόχρονα, κάτω από το ίδιο αυτή τη φορά stage. Το online stage του reworks connekt.
Η ψηφιακή πλατφόρμα των reworks & reworks agora, έρχεται να προβάλει

νέες και αποκλειστικές μουσικές εμφανίσεις, DJ Sets, συζητήσεις, Q&As που θα συνθέσουν τις φετινές ειδικές εκδόσεις των reworks και reworks agora και τις οποίες θα μπορούμε όλοι να παρακολουθήσουμε από την οθόνη μας. Το reworks connekt στην πρώτη του έκδοση θα είναι δωρεάν για όλους.

Music Line Up:
Nina Kraviz / Dubfire / Patrice Baumel / KiNK / Christian Löffler / Hior / Anastasios / AND.ID & Thessaloniki City Symphony Orchestra / Laraaji / Masayoshi Fujita / Jay Glass Dubs / Danai Nielsen / LOU / Kolida Babo

+ artistic visuals by MinimalicQuantum

Discussion Panels & Speakers
1. “Fashion Revolution brings HOPE at Reworks Agora”
Dr Fiori Zafeiropoulou | Country Coordinator Fashion Revolution
Christos Petridis | Chief Creative Officer Maison Faliakos
Venediktos Antipas | Creative Director – Maison Faliakos
Garyfallia P Pitsaki | Founder 3Quarters

Eleftheria Karipidi | Chair & Education Fashion Revolution

2. “The Future of Greek Cinema: Challenges, new ideas & Good Practises”
Dafni Bechtsi | CINOBO – Managing Director
Elina Psykou | Director, Screenwriter, Producer
Yiannis Sakaridis | Artistic Director – Short Film Festival Drama & Director

Vasilena Mitsiadi | Deputy Mayor of Trikala

3. “Democratizing Cities: Shaping urban daily life with civic participation: the role of middle-bottom-up initiatives
Sofia Avramopoulou | PERA Non Profit Organization
Thalia Rizou | Youthnest Organisation
Maria Megalopoulou | KIPOS Cultural Space
Vivian Doumpa | Stipo Greece & InCommOn NPO

Coastline Voyage 2

Episode 2

Coastline Voyage

Near the Coastlines of Cyprus it was sighted, a ship sailing 2 meters above the water as if it was flying, it was the Black Pearl, and on it all the magical people of Santa.Nosha

The Calling

Episode 1

The Calling

Here Begins Santa.! The Calling of people in nature, the mountains , the sea, the beaches, in the shade of the trees, the crystal waters and the waves of sound, here also ends Nosha. Explore The Unseen

Santa.Nosha Coastline Voyage

Santa.Nosha Coastline Voyage - Saturday 18 Of July

Santa Nosha Exploration Episode 2 is on the horizon. Be part of a unique coastline exploration in Ayia Napa experiencing the fantastic coastline sightseeing of Agia Napa, Sea Caves, Cape Greco, Blue Lagoon, Protaras and much more.

The coastline exploration includes
– 3 Drinks, 2 cocktails, and finger food
– Swimming in the crystal clear waters of spots such as Blue Lagoon
– Music that frees your spirit during the entire journey

Prices: €30 Women – €40 Men All Inclusive
The journey will be on board of the famous Black Pearl pirate boat decorated with the unique Santa Nosha touch and starts on Saturday, July 18th at 16:00 from Agia Napa port. Please arrive at the port by 15:30 as the boat will leave the port as 16:00!

We hope to see you on board!
Be ready for a magical trip.
For more information please contact us on Santanosha Instagram